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Being a family-owned and operated business, KCAutofinder is committed to providing a simple, reliable source for the consumer to purchase quality used cars from a variety of used car dealers and franchise dealerships in Kansas City, MO, and all of the KC Metro Area

We have been in business for 22 years. From used car dealers to established franchise dealerships, KCAutoFinder has provided used cars for sale from over 100 different dealers since we have been publishing our newspaper. 

Customers pick up our newspaper.
Customers go to your lot or website
Customers schedule test drive
Another delivery from KCAutoFinder
Why was this business model created?
KCAutofinder recognized the need for a local shopping resource to make it easy to find exactly the right car fast. .Customers and Lenders will often pick up our publication then visit the dealers website.

Rather than spend thousands of hours searching for dealerships, our directory makes it easy to find exactly the dealer you’re looking for and all of this happens without hassle with KCAutoFinder

Why use KCAutoFinder?
We have 600 locations and print and deliver 15,000 papers. KCAutoFinder often uses our relationships to get pricing that is lower than what shoppers will see on auto listing sites and sometimes lower than what they will see by walking the lot.

At QuikFinder Publications LLC dba KCAutoFinder, we really help dealers sell more cars. We are the only automotive publication in the KC Metro Area.